Colleen VaughaN


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"Inspired: The Growing Power of Social Influence on Shopper Decisions" is a 150-page, definitive book about influencer marketing I co-wrote and published with Holly Pavilka at Collective Bias in 2017. 


SupplyPike Blog

"The Future of Entrepreneurship Lies in the Middle of Nowhere" is a blog post I wrote for SupplyPike in support of living and working in Northwest Arkansas. 


SupplyPike Blog

"Environmental Effects of Supply Chain Waste" is a long-form post I researched and wrote describing the numerous types of waste that come upon along the supply chain, and how to address those issues.  

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"The Role of Influencers in Shopper Marketing" is a whitepaper I wrote about using influencers to solve common marketing challenges, which became Collective Bias' most downloaded resource.


Press Release

When SupplyPike was introducing the world's first digital freight marketplace that accepted cryptocurrency, they desired to announce it in a clearly-stated press release. 


Collective Bias Blog

"The Evolution of Sponsored Content" describes the path social media has taken from early Facebook ads to branded content stories by social influencers. 

SupplyPike Blog 

This post, "Phantom Inventory Is Haunting Your Supply Chain" for SupplyPike's company blog, exemplifies my technical and industry-specific writing ability. 


Press Release

Press releases are a classic marketing method when adding a "big name" to your company's roster. Here is an example of a release I scribed for SupplyPike announcing the addition of a President to their leadership team. 


Collective Bias Blog

"Drink Up: Adult Beverage Trends and Stats You Need to Know" weaves together statistics about adult beverage consumption and successful influencer campaigns with alcohol brands. 

Additional Copywriting/content Work Available Upon Request